June 09, 2023 2 min read

Introducing Limn Radio: The Soundtrack of a Generation

Welcome to Limn Radio, where the beats are electrifying, the melodies captivating, and the rhythm transcendent. Our curated selection of fresh music, spanning R&B, hip-hop, future house, soul, funk, and bass.



Immerse yourself in a world of new sounds as we bring you DJs with impeccable taste levels and a touch of luxury. Limn Radio the epitome of positive vibes and refreshing tunes. While you're here, explore our site, Limn Clothing where fashion meets innovation and be apart of the growing community. Join us on this extraordinary journey where music and fashion intertwine, and let Limn Radio be the pulsating soundtrack to your life.

Limn Radio Background Music Vol 1.

Beyonce x Drake x Sean Paul - 4:36 AM Andii - https://soundcloud.com/hey_andi

Jarreau Vandal x Olivia Nelson - Someone that you love (Flip) Ossammot - https://soundcloud.com/ossammot/someone-that-you-love-jarreau-vandal-ft-olivia-nelson-flip

Brent Faiyaz x Tyler - 5PM In Noord J.Robb - https://soundcloud.com/jrobbdaproducer/5pm-in-noord

Nakeyo x Lawrence Mace - Dunes (Remix) WNTR - Streaming Services

Amaarae - SAD GIRLZ LOVE $ (KLM Disco Mix) - https://lemaestromind.bandcamp.com/track/sad-girlz-love-klm-disco-mix

Brent Faiyaz - Mrning Rain Dayebeats - https://soundcloud.com/dayebeats/mrning-rain75bpm

Drake x Nicki Minaj - Das how you feel?? Tango. https://soundcloud.com/tdwav/das-how-you-feel

Brent Faiyaz - Dead Man Walking  (Vandalised Edit) Ft. Lamsi Jarreau Vandal - https://jarreauvandal.bandcamp.com/track/dead-man-walking-vandalized-edit-ft-lamsi

Rayana Jay - Nothing to talk about - Streaming Services

J. Cole x Miguel - Comethru (Vandalized Edition) Jarreau Vandal - https://soundcloud.com/sehnjah/jarreau-vandal-comethru-vandalized-edition

Tems - Who This Guy? (Tems Remix) Lovibe. - https://lovibe.bandcamp.com/track/who-this-guy-tems-remix


Credits to all the producers and artists who were able to make this volume a success.

Artwork by - Tanya (@sigals37) • Instagram photos and videosInstagramhttps://www.instagram.com › sigals37

Mix Curated by DJ Triz - https://www.instagram.com/welltre/

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