Browse this page for any questions you might have, we tried to incorporate all of our common questions. If you still have a question to ask? Feel free to contact us and our customer service team will respond within 48 hours.

Where do we source clothes?

We source our fabrics and materials from ALL over the globe, we have a bigger presence with our suppliers in the Asia region, USA and London, United Kingdom where we are founded.

How come some items delivery comes quicker than others?

Some of our items we don't stock in-house or at our delivery centres, and they are made to order garments. Which means when you order an item it sends it to our seamstress who  would then create the product before it gets handled by our shipping company to get delivered to you.

Why are our clothing sizes so different to what i'm used to?

The clothing sizes aren't all that different, they just vary... a lot. We understand this at Limn, and whilst we know it's an inconvenience we try to be as transparent as possible about this process. Once you have your measurements (Providing your not growing) your measurements are set and your all ready to go! Just match your measurements on a product that suits you and your good to go.  
Our fabric suppliers and craftsmen are operating in many regions. When the products are being designed, they come with a specific oversized fit, or tailored upper and the measurements of the clothes are designed to reflect that.
Generally speaking you need to measure the length & sleeve length to make sure the clothing doesn't come up too short.

How come the Label on some of my clothes don't say Limn?

We collaborate with brands across the globe to give you an untapped version of streetwear, that hopefully remains unique. We do this with collaboration and some companies we collaborate with want to design the label. That is fine with us at Limn, as its the product and idea that counts.

I want a product in another colour can it be made?

That usually depends on the product, collaboration pieces or collections are usually set on their colours already. But for any enquiries then feel free to contact us and we will, let you know of any possible colours that can be done for a product. We don't want this site to feel conventional and one-dimensional so we open it up to our customers, to give them products that they really want.

Why are some product pictures more clear or informative than others?

Our products have gone from strength to strength over the years. Limn continues to want to improve and perfect this process. Limn started on a smaller scale, and the process of getting a photography studio was a lengthy one. As such there are some products on the site shot in photography studios and some not. We also feel that not all products are best shot in a studio and a more practical way to show off the clothing is when on somebody and in a real life situation. So we try to mix the two, but generally all our products will be shot in photography studios when able. Collaboration collections may differ as the team might be international & working with brands, that don't have the same facilities.

When do new items release?

New items release periodically, we don't want to fill the site with random items and ideas. But designed choices and good quality product. So we test our products, quality check them and finalise the idea this takes an amount of time. So we generally release items as a bulk. Be quick as items do sell out.

Will items restock?

Items do restock on our site. We recommend you check back on the product periodically as stock levels do update. A stock notifier will also be implemented at Limn soon for email updates.

What will my email be used for?

Your email is being held completely confidential, and won't be used by Limn for spam. We may periodically email you if the site has a sale, competition or a new line has launched.

Can I return my product?

There is a returns page, that detail our returns policy at Limn.