• Limn Clothing Jan 19, 2021

    Hat giveaway for 2021!

    whilst we hope for a better year in 2021 we want to do our part, and it requires nothing extra to enter! Ordering any Item from Limnclothing.com will automatically enter you into the chance for a brand new Limn cap to be included with your order. We don't sell any of our caps on the store (as of writing) Theres a range of colours and variations, let it be a...


  • Limn Clothing Jan 02, 2021

    New Year New Limnspo

     Images, Vibes and Clothing. We share some of the process which helps Limn be Limn!  So here's a look into the HQ and some inspiration for 2021! If there is any copyright infringement then please email us and we can help address the issue.   Limn- Team


  • Limn Clothing Dec 27, 2020

    Trying on some new items at Limn HQ!

    Having fun trying on new products and samples! Before they hit the site!


  • Limn Clothing Dec 02, 2020

    Room finally complete! Lets get the stock back!

    Boom. The Limn studio is finally stages away from completion. Bringing stock live onto the store! and ready for delivery pre xmas! We are bringing quality female and men's pieces to the store each week! So watch our blog and keep an eye on the instagram for new updates!   Stay Safe. Limn


  • Limn Clothing Nov 07, 2020

    Studio Lighting finally up!

    Feels like a never ending project! We thank our patiently waiting customers and lovers of fashion, for bearing with us on what we will bring to the table. The delays just keep on coming and additional things to look at always pop-up.just We however can thankfully say we are on the home-stretch, with the remaining jobs being in-house! Last few adjustments to make and we will be re-launching with our...