About Us

Limn Clothing is dedicated to delivering an exclusive collection of the most relevant garment styles to the world.

 Bringing you styles ranging from Pre - 1990's to 2022 and beyond! The collection is designed and curated in England, United Kingdom              

Our Mission 
  • To increase the the taste level of the World through great quality clothing!
  •  Bringing the highest quality clothing cuts to you at affordable pricing 
  • We are focused on how things fit, and the quality of the product over branding. We want to strip back in your face Logo's on our products and provide minimal branding or items which emphasise design
  • Provide a vast variety of "year" capsule collections allowing you to dress in whichever year you particularly loved 
Our Story

Established in England 2020.  We have used our tools to create a large E-store with a growing list of clothing!

Since the original setup the store has grown, with a physical studio space housing our designs.

We are a small team of five, designing, shipping and answering your questions to create the best Limn community.


Our Future


We are only just entering the infant stage of the store, and our only aim is higher. We are increasing stock levels, reducing delivery times, and providing products which continue to make people happy.

The team hope you find what you are looking for and are pleased with your product, Buy products with confidence. We want to provide durable items for you to enjoy and walk around confidently in.




To Represent or Portray. Limn

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