January 08, 2023 2 min read

Inspired by the natural world and our connection to it, Limn Clothing is designed to stand out from the rest. Providing products that impact our community Visually, Sonically and through touch.

2023 Is no different!  Thank-you for all the support throughout the year, it has flown by tremendously quick. Hope you are having a great day and look forward to the new year as much as we do.

 Check out our 2023 roadmap below

Limn Radio Vinyl Disc


Limn Radio dropping very soon. (Click Me)

GOOD music for all is our promise with Limn Radio, bringing taste back to music.

A variety of curated playlists will be dropping periodically throughout the year for the Limn Community and music enthusiasts alike. Featuring cherry picked DJ's from across the globe.
Limn Radio WILL expand into physical spaces in the near future but first, enjoy the music. Full Track-lists will be posted alongside for you to enjoy.

Limn Clothing Studio T-Shirt with design

 Limn Designs

You asked & we listened! We've always focused on quality clothing and the fit of the product at our heart. but why not pair that with more logo designs and let the community join the team? Well Thats exactly what we're going to do for 2023.
  • New Limn Collaborations
  • New Designs
 Are all on the way! The studio vault is full of creativity our next steps are just picking the colours! We will share these designs as part of our latest rollouts across the year. (See above for a sneak peek at one of our first).

Limn Women

Our Men's line has took our main focus throughout inception of Limn Clothing as that is what we knew best when designing. With a limited but carefully selected product list available for Women. This is due to change with a much broader 50/50 spread being utilised across.

Expect more tailored content and much more focused clothing. There's ALOT more to this.. But let's keep it brief and show you with our products.

If you read this far, thanks for rocking out with us (The world's best) use (LIMN10 at checkout for a 10% Discount off code).
Best regards - Limn Clothing

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