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  • January 29, 2023 5 min read

    Jumpstart Your Creativity with an Inspiration Board

    An inspiration board is an amazing way to jumpstart your creativity. It’s a visual tool that allows you to collect images, quotes, and inspiring words to help you stay motivated and focused on your goals. Whether you’re planning a business venture or exploring a new hobby, an inspiration board can be a great source of inspiration and help you get your ideas off the ground. In this article, were showing you our latest mood board, and discussing how to create your own inspiration board and the various ways it can help you reach your goals.

     Various streetwear shoes, basketball shoes laid on floor underneath hanging clothes with retro filter

    What is an Inspiration Board?

    An inspiration board is essentially a collage or a visual representation of your goals. It can be anything from a simple poster or canvas with motivational quotes and graphics to a digital collection of images and text. It can be used to inspire you and keep you motivated, or to help you clarify and visualize your ideas. The idea is to create an inspirational space that will help you stay focused and energized.

    Aaliyah performing music in orange sleeveless jumpsuit, bandana , man behind looking at Aaliyah perform

    The Limn Clothing answer for this is , aesthetics , aesthetics and more aesthetics! We wanna see unusual clothing, vintage clothing, modern clothing and anything in-between! How does it look in different environments, different venues can we make the picture even better? Furniture, lighting, space how does it all incorporate to make a cool idea in your head? Can we take inspiration from the way it was styled in the 90's, what was it about low resolution camera's of the 2000's which made something work better than it does now? Why does it look more organic and how can we bring that answer into 2023! The goal of the mood board at Limn is to always pay homage to the visuals and aesthetics we see but utilise the foundation, to ask the question. Can we utilise these visuals to make something even better?

    various items on desk in colourful palette, blue, lime yellow, orange, various shades of purple and brown, rope, gloves, shorts are on the desk

    Getting Started

    Creating an inspiration board is easy, and it doesn’t need to be complicated. You can start by finding images, quotes, and words that inspire you, and collecting them in a digital or print format.

    Instagram and now Pinterest are the obvious go-to's currently. Follow accounts focused on visuals rather than personal experiences. Get your feed suggesting you content and not people's personal lives and your off to a good start. (May we suggest a new account, if your account is crushed by the algorithm already)

    Whilst you have endless content at your fingertips, it can almost be out of touch, if you can never physically appreciate or see such visuals in person, due to location or cost of such experiences. So don't forgot your eyes / life is always the biggest inspiration. Take pictures on your phone as you go along. Nice building? Snap it. Nice interior? Take that picture. Weird interaction in the city? Remember the moment and take that pic. Ikea is great for inspiration and concepts too, so do not limit yourselves. Be collaborative with others appreciating various reference points they give you it may just help assist your vision and the way you interact.

    Once you have a collage of references it’s time to start creating your board. You can use a physical board or create a digital inspiration board. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, but it’s important to choose the one that best suits your needs. If you’re creating a physical board, consider using construction paper, photos, and other materials to create your board. If you’re creating a digital board, you can use a website like Pinterest or Canva to create your board.

    limn clothing mood board, tons of images on wall printed our across a right angled corner, pictures are vibrant and architecture or fashion related

    Decide on a Theme

    Before you start creating your board, it’s important to decide on a theme or concept. Are you trying to create a board that inspires creativity? Or are you trying to create a board that is focused on travel? Deciding on a concept or theme will help you narrow down the images and references you use to create your board. This will also help you stay focused on creating a board that serves a purpose.

    Choose a Variety of Images and References

    Once you have a concept or theme for your board, it’s time to start choosing images and references that best convey that concept. Choose a variety of images and references that represent different aspects of the concept. Don’t limit yourself to one type of reference or image. Be sure to include a variety of references and images, including words, colors, visuals, and more.

    Organize Your Board

    Once you have the images and references for your board, it’s time to start organizing them. Put them in a visual space that you would like to see. We have ours in the studio. You may see visuals of our moodboard from time to time on our story or just through content we post. But we all have a constant digital evolving moodboard on our smartphones. We use a printing technology app (No free ad here) to print out our images and stick them up. Or you can use canva or pinterest to create a digital space of imagery.

    Final Touches

    Once you’re happy with the layout of your board, it’s time to add the final touches. You can add colors, textures, words, and more to make your board look and feel complete If you need. We don't we let the pictures do the talking. But whatever works for you is what matters.

    curved Hollow walls with lighting by seaside, window space in walls looks to sunset view

    Make it a Part of Your Everyday Routine

    Once your inspiration board is created, it’s important to make it a part of your everyday routine. Take time each day to look at your board and let it inspire you to be creative

    How do I keep my inspiration board up to date?

    Creating and maintaining an inspiration board can help keep your creativity and motivation levels up. It's easy to keep your inspiration board up to date, and here are some tips:

    1. Update your board frequently. Regularly review your board to ensure it matches your current goals and interests.

    2. Make sure to include a variety of ideas. Keep your board fresh and interesting by adding new ideas and perspectives.

    3. Add photos and quotes. Not only are photos and quotes inspiring, but they can add visual appeal to your board.

    4. Get feedback. Ask friends and family for their opinion on your board, and use their feedback to make changes.

    5. Stick to a theme for the particular task or project in mind. New project coming up? Cool. Create a new one, your previous one doesn't need to be dismantled you can keep it for its original purpose. And have a new one for something different.

    lewis hamilton winning race or championship team around him spraying champagne


    1. An inspiration board is a visual tool used to help organize ideas and to encourage creativity.

    2. It can be composed of images, words, colors, textures, and other design elements that evoke an emotion or feeling.

    3. Inspiration boards are often used in fields such as fashion, interior design, art, and graphic design to kickstart the creative process.

    4. Creating an inspiration board is an effective way to bring ideas together and to create a sense of focus.

    5. The act of creating an inspiration board can help spark new ideas, encourage brainstorming, and inspire artwork.

    6. It can also be used to set goals and to stay motivated.

    7. Inspiration boards can be anything from a physical board with different materials to a digital board with photos and images.

    8. They are often used to help create a mood or atmosphere for projects.

    By following the tips outlined in this blog post, your all set to think like Limn Clothing, and hopefully appreciate creative design from others a lot more. Seeing design and architecture in a completely different light.

    Here are some more images to get you kickstarted! Happy designing and inspire others!

    Limn Clothing


    glowing orange skybox with a square shape in the middle for natural light james turrelldesert boots being tied up by model with gold watch, tattoos and bracelet green stacking trousers ancolour block teal to orange matrix green lounging area, two story with a balcony and stair-set in the background various lighting illuminates the room with a blossoming plant on the tableblue and green t-shirts laid on floor with retro style designgolden building in the foreground separating a road of buildings on either side, light blue skyman stands on stage or podium with a sea of people making up the crowd, a laser separates the lighting behind the stage green and redsuede blue holdall bag hanging on arm of treadmill in empty roomlounging area of purple foam like seating, looking through a scoped lens that turns redfigure in blacked out clothes and black motorcycle helmet, on electric 4 wheeler quad bike in an empty warehousemodel figure wearing a long green trench coat and bapesta trainers, next to a vintage mercedes truck in a car parking lotcolourful rainbow clothes hanging on rails in background that lead into neutral earth tones, desk with clutter on